B'Tardat was a male Kaelon politician in the 24th century. By 2367, he had become the minister of science on Kaelon II.

In the 2360s, he authorized Dr. Timicin, a Kaelon scientist, to work with the United Federation of Planets in hopes of finding a way to stabilize the dying sun of Kaelon. He allowed the crew of the USS Enterprise-D to assist in the experiment in 2367. When the experiments failed, Timicin briefly hesitated to return for his Resolution ceremony since there was more work to do, asking Captain Jean-Luc Picard for asylum. He attempted to convince B'Tardat, but B'Tardat said others will continue his work. Minister B'Tardat ordered Timicin to return to the planet and threatened to attack the Enterprise-D.

He then sent warships and ordered them to fire on the Enterprise-D if it left the system with Timicin aboard. A confrontation was averted when Timicin returned on his own to the planet. (TNG: "Half a Life")

B'Tardat was played by Terrence E. McNally.
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