B'omar patrol ship

Three B'omar patrol ships

The B'omar patrol ship was a type of small starship used by the B'omar Sovereignty to guard B'omar space. It was armed with directed energy weapons and torpedoes, and protected by shields. Tactically, it was inferior to a Federation Class 2 shuttle.

When the USS Voyager sought to cross B'omar space in 2374, it was met by patrol ships carrying B'omar representatives. During the negotiations, Seven of Nine stole a shuttle and entered B'omar space, facing a number of patrol ships while attempting to reach the wreck of the SS Raven. After Seven returned to Voyager, a fleet of sixty-eight B'omar ships forced them to withdraw from B'omar space. (VOY: "The Raven")

On the call sheet for Tuesday 22 July 1997, the lead vessel is listed as "Dumah's fighter vessel" regarding the scene filmed from inside the cockpit.
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