Bahrat was a 24th century humanoid alien living in the Delta Quadrant. He had yellowish skin, ridges along his head, and an unusual nasal passage.

In 2373, he was the station manager of a space station near the Nekrit Expanse. As station manager, Bahrat reserved the right to approve any transaction concluded on his station and collected a 20% commission from all deals. He continuously monitored the various events, people and communications aboard his station. His penalty for illegal behavior on the station was cryogenic suspension of various lengths.

When the USS Voyager visited the station, Captain Janeway gave him a list with needed supplies and Bahrat contacted potential suppliers. After Sutok had been killed by Wixiban, Bahrat investigated the murder together with Tuvok. He initially arrested Chakotay and Tom Paris due to them having contacted Sutok, but after Neelix and Wixiban confessed their involvement, he cooperated with them to arrest a number of Kolaati involved in various illegal activities; Chakotay and Paris were then released. (VOY: "Fair Trade")

Bahrat was played by Carlos Carrasco.
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