Bahrats space station

Bahrat's space station

Bahrat's space station was a supply depot for mining and trading ships located on the border of the Nekrit Expanse.

It was operated by Bahrat during the early-2370s. Bahrat took 20% commission on all trade on the station. He also monitored all visitors closely, and reserved the right to monitor ship's communications. Regulations included station code 4279, subsection beta 325. Criminals might face their ships being impounded or cryostatic suspension in his prison as long as fifty years. Despite this, murder was not an uncommon occurrence, and while Bahrat thought very little narcotics trafficking went on on the station, Kolaati traders had made a fortune from it by doing things like disabling surveillance systems and masking sensors.

Wixiban got stuck on the station for three years after his ship was impounded and he couldn't give Bahrat what he wanted to get it back.

In 2373, the USS Voyager visited the station before venturing into the Expanse. (VOY: "Fair Trade")

It was later visited by a Voth scientist, Forra Gegen, and his assistant, Tova Veer, where they acquired a sample of Voyager's warp plasma during their tracking of the ship itself. (VOY: "Distant Origin")

The station exterior, according to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 72), was designed by Rick Sternbach.
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