The Bajoran Central Archives or Bajoran Archival Records was an extensive information repository on the planet Bajor that was at least 700 years old. The Archives contained communication logs, personnel files, death certificates, and financial and historical records, including many relating to the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. Interested parties could access the Central Archives to retrieve or verify information for both personal and professional use. The records of the Vedek Assembly could be accessed through the archives.

In 2369, Major Kira Nerys accessed the Bajoran Archival Records to find information about the scientists Dekon Elig and Surmak Ren, the creators of the aphasia virus. (DS9: "Babel")

Later the same year, the crew of Deep Space 9 used the Central Archives to verify information about Aamin Marritza, confirming that he was a file clerk at the Gallitep labor camp during the Occupation. (DS9: "Duet")

In 2370, Odo used the Central Archives to access financial and communications information about Vaatrik Pallra, after reopening an investigation into the murder of her husband five years prior; he had the Archives keep a clerk on duty around the clock so that he could access information crucial to the investigation. (DS9: "Necessary Evil") Later that year, both Odo and Vedek Winn Adami used the Archives to find information about the Kendra Valley Massacre and its relevance to the political career of Vedek Bareil Antos. (DS9: "The Collaborator")

Staff at the Central Archives undertook research projects based upon the information stored there and in Cardassian records. Alenis Grem worked at the Archives, and, for example, in 2371 she was involved in a study of Cardassian records pertaining to the Elemspur Detention Center. False information planted there suggested that Kira Nerys had been held briefly at Elemspur during the Occupation, but this turned out to be part of an elaborate plot by the Obsidian Order. (DS9: "Second Skin")

As of 2375, the Book of the Kosst Amojan had been stored there for 700 years without being removed. (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil")

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