The rank system of the Bajoran Militia bore some resemblance to various Earth infantry ranking systems, most notably that of the US Marine Corps.

Bajoran Militia ranks and insignia
General General insignia
Colonel Bajoran colonel 2370 Bajoran colonel 2375
Field colonel Alternate colonel insignia Field colonel insignia
Major Bajoran major
Lieutenant Bajoran 1st lt Second lieutenant insignia

General Edit


A general in 2370

General was a flag officer rank. Generals wore a dress tunic with epaulets, and wore two gold insignia pins on either side of their collar.

Colonel Edit

Kira Nerys, 2375

A colonel in 2375

Colonels wore a silver Bajoran symbol on the collar as a rank insignia. Colonel Kira was given a Starfleet commission in 2375 with the rank of commander, suggesting an equivalence between the two. (DS9: "When It Rains...")

A field colonel wore a gold insignia with one hemisphere colored black.

Day was identified as a "field colonel" in the script for DS9: "The Siege". Based on "real world" terminology, a field officer referred collectively to the ranks of major, lieutenant colonel, and colonel or brigadier in an army.

Major Edit

Kira Nerys, 2369

A major in 2369

Majors wore a solid gold-colored rank insignia on their collar.

First lieutenant Edit


A first lieutenant in 2373

First lieutenants were often referred to as "lieutenant."

Second lieutenant Edit


A second lieutenant in 2369

Second lieutenants were often referred to as simply "lieutenant."

Ensign Edit

Bajoran junior officer 2369

An ensign in 2369

The unnamed Bajoran officer from DS9: "Dramatis Personae" was identified as an ensign in the credits.

Enlisted personnel Edit

Odo, 2375

A chief security officer in 2373


A nurse in 2372

Bajoran enlisted personnel were given rates similar to Starfleet. They generally did not wear rank insignia and their rank was denoted by both their collar size and the color of their clothing.(citation needededit)

Background information Edit

The Star Trek Encyclopedia, second edition, proposes that the ranks below major were captain, lieutenant, lieutenant junior grade, and ensign. This system presents variant pins that never appeared on set and quizzically mixes the army ranks with navy terminology – lieutenant junior grade and ensign, which were never used or referred to during the series.

This chart shows only general equivalencies based on the ranks used by many governments on Earth, as well as the rest of the galaxy.