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== Ships of the class ==
== Ships of the class ==
* [[Unnamed Bajoran transports]]
* [[Bajoran transports 000|Unnamed Bajoran transports]]
** [[Razka Karn's starship]]
** [[Razka Karn's starship]]

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A Bajoran transport was a type of warp-capable transport utilized by the Bajorans following the Occupation of Bajor.

Beginning in late 2369, this class was used for the transport distinguished members of the Vedek Assembly and Bajoran Provisional Government, including Bareil Antos and Shakaar Edon, to Deep Space 9 from Bajor. (DS9: "In the Hands of the Prophets", "Crossfire")

Razka Karn piloted a ship of this design in 2372. (DS9: "Indiscretion")

Ships of the class


Background information

This starship design was the only visually identified Bajoran vessel to be designated as a "Bajoran transport".

Several other vessels, including the (so-named here) Bajoran vessel and Antares-class, were identified as "Bajoran transports" in script notes, often as a generic descriptor for the vfx team, but we not identified as such in dialogue.

Additionally, numerous unseen ships were identified as "Bajoran transports", but could not be visually identified.

For more information on the history of this studio model, please see: DS9 studio models.


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