Balok's species were a humanoid race from the Alpha or Beta Quadrant and members of the First Federation. In their initial appearance to the crew of the USS Enterprise, Balok, a member of this species, appeared to be a bluish, cat-eyed alien. In his true form, he resembled a Human child.

Members of Balok's species were small, about the height of a Human child, and usually bald, with hair mainly on their eyebrows. Their ears were different from Humans, shaped similarly to that of Vulcans, except they were smaller and had a more flat point on top. (TOS: "The Corbomite Maneuver")

In a development memo of "The Corbomite Maneuver" research notes from Kellam de Forest to Gene Roddenberry on 9 May 1966, de Forest twice referred to Balok's species as "Fesarian", in reference to their space craft. However, that species name wasn't included in the final draft nor the second revised final draft of the script (dated 3 May and 20 May 1966, respectively).
Balok's species was referred to as "Fesarian" in the Cold Equations novel Silent Weapons. The Face of the Unknown calls them Linnik (β), and the puppet's species is Dassik (β), in reality a closely related species that once fought with Balok's people.

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