A plate of banana pancakes

Banana pancakes were a breakfast food from Earth and were one of B'Elanna Torres's favorite dishes as a child. They were, as the name suggests, a variety of pancake made with bananas.

Torres remembered eating them with maple syrup, which her grandmother made for her, and how they always put a smile on her face. When she told Neelix about this, he replicated a stack, stating "Well then, one smile coming right up", but she barely touched them, due to her depression at the time. Later, after she was feeling better, she replicated herself a stack of the pancakes, this time with syrup. (VOY: "Extreme Risk", "Workforce, Part II")

The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 64) described this food as, "Thin flat cakes made from batter, fried in a pan, flavored with the yellow pulpy fruit of an Earth banana plant, Musa paradisiaca sapientum."
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