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Banea was an inhabited planet in an unnamed star system. This Delta Quadrant planet had one moon and experienced eclipses, one of which occurred in 2367. Banea was located "seventy thousand light years, give or take a few" from the Federation.

Banea was the homeworld of the humanoid spacefaring Banea.

In 2371, the Numiri considered its vicinity a war zone and conducted patrols nearby. Ships suspected of transporting aid and supplies to this planet were being intercepted. A defense perimeter around the planet protected incoming ships from attack by Numiri patrol vessels. Baneans colloquially referred to the Numiri as "neighbors". That same year, the USS Voyager visited the planet. (VOY: "Ex Post Facto")

Banea locations

The following were located on Banea:


Background information

The name Banea was from [1] In the episode, this planet was referred to as both the "Banean homeworld" and the "Banean planet".

Neelix stated in the episode that the Numiri and Banea once coexisted on the same planet. It was not clear from the episode if this was Banea or another planet.

The matte painting of a Banean city was a later use for the Angel I cityscape ("Angel One"). This painting had also been used for Starbase 515 ("Samaritan Snare"), a Malcorian city ("First Contact"), a Kriosian city ("The Mind's Eye"), and a Klaestron city ("Dax").

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 83), Banea was located in the Banea system. This was a binary star system with a pair of F-class stars. The Voyager visited this system on stardate 48600.

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