Quarks Bar, Who mourns for Morn 2

Quark's, a typical bar

Ten-Forward Bar, 2365

The bar at Ten Forward

USS Enterprise Bar, alternate reality

A bar aboard the USS Enterprise

For unit of pressure, please see Bar (unit).

A bar was an establishment, place, or business where beverages, often containing alcohol or synthehol, were sold or otherwise distributed and consumed. Bars which required money to obtain food or drink sometimes extended credit to patrons, which was often summarized in a bar bill. (VOY: "Caretaker")

A person who "tended" bar by serving drinks was called a bartender. The owner or proprietor of a bar, who was sometimes also the bartender, was sometimes called a barkeep. Other personnel included waiters.

Bars were often attached to restaurants or served food in addition to beverages. Such bars might be referred to as cafes. Other types of bars included saloons, pubs, honky-tonks, lounges, nightclubs and speakeasys. They also sometimes offered entertainment, such as games or music, either recorded or performed live. One particular tradition was happy hour.

A bar also referred to the long, raised table that such establishments usually contained.

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Furthermore, one planet visited by Enterprise had at least one Bartender, and therefore presumably also at least one bar.
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