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Actress Barbara Babcock (born 27 February 1937; age 84) has enjoyed a long Hollywood career that includes roles in nearly thirty movies, regular roles in a half-dozen or so television series, about sixty guest appearances, a number of which were repeat appearances for her character, and a number of stage appearances. She filmed her scenes for the Star Trek: The Original Series first season episode "A Taste of Armageddon" between Wednesday 28 December 1966 and Wednesday 4 January 1967 at Desilu Stage 10, and her scenes for "Plato's Stepchildren" between Monday 9 September 1968 and Thursday 12 September 1968, and on Tuesday 17 September 1968, also at Stage 10.

Babcock had a recurring role as Liz Craig on the hit television series Dallas from 1978 through 1982. She won an Emmy Award for her role as Grace Gardner in the television series Hill Street Blues. Babcock is more recently known to television viewers for the series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, for which she also received an Emmy nomination. She also co-starred with Jerry Orbach in the 1987-88 series The Law & Harry McGraw.

Her feature film credits include Bang the Drum Slowly (1973), The Lords of Discipline (1983), Salem's Lot (1979) with TOS guest stars Elisha Cook, David Soul, Julie Cobb, and Reggie Nalder, Far and Away (1992) with Colm Meaney, and Space Cowboys (2000) with James Cromwell.

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