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Barbara Kaye Minster (also known as Barbara Minister) (died 15 January 2009) worked as a Hair Stylist on Star Trek: The Motion Picture and the first two seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. In addition she appeared as an Enterprise crewmember in the recreation deck scenes in The Motion Picture. [1]

Minster was part of the Voyager make-up and hair crew which received Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series for the episodes "Caretaker" (1995) and "Persistence of Vision" (1996). She shared the previous nomination with Josée Normand, Patricia Miller, Shawn McKay, Karen Asano-Myers, Dino Ganziano, Rebecca De Morrio, Janice D. Brandow, Gloria Ponce, Caryl Codon-Tharp, Katherine Rees, Virginia Kearns, Patricia Vecchio, Faith Vecchio, and Audrey Levy and the latter one with Karen Asano-Myers, Gary Alan Hundley, Laura Connolly, and Suzan Bagdadi.

In 1994, Minster won an Emmy Award for her work on the television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and shared this award with fellow Trek make-up staffers Cherie Huffman, Shirley Dolle, Virginia Grobeson, and Rebecca De Morrio.

Throughout the years, Minster had worked as hair stylist on the television series The White Shadow, Baywatch, Knots Landing, and Playtypus Man, as well as on the drama Two of a Kind (1982), Single Women Married Men (1989, starring Jeannetta Arnette), the drama When No One Would Listen (1992), the comedy Richard Jeni: A Good Catholic Boy (1997), and the thriller Red Corner (1997).

In addition she appeared two times as a hairdresser in episodes of Knots Landing (1985 and 1990, along Marco Sanchez and Jack R. Orend in the latter one).

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