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For the prime universe counterpart, please see Bareil Antos.

Bareil Antos was a male Bajoran thief from the 24th century mirror universe. He led a life of not believing in anything but himself, and took to being a thief to get by.

In 2374, he became involved with Intendant Kira after she was ousted from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Together, they hatched a plan to steal the Orb of Prophecy and Change from the prime universe and return to to start a new religion to unite Bajor against the Alliance.

Bareil came to Deep Space 9 using a multidimensional transporter device, and promptly took Major Kira Nerys hostage, but released her shortly thereafter when she noted his phaser was broken. Kira didn't believe he would hurt her, so didn't press charges. She introduced him to the many differences between the parallel Bajors, including different foods and the Bajoran religion. As they walked the Promenade, many Bajorans stared at Bareil because of his identical resemblance to his counterpart, the late vedek. They gradually became romantically involved as well as he told her about his life, including a woman he loved, Lisea, who died some time ago.

Kira arranged for Bareil to have an orb experience, which appeared to deeply affect him. In it, he appeared to be trading places with his counterpart, and he also saw himself with Kira. He wanted to tell her about it, but she told him that the experience is only meant for him. He became very puzzled and caused deep consternation within him thereafter, as he wondered if he really could take the role of a spiritual leader. He began to bristle against the Intendant, though he continued with the plot to steal the orb, believing himself to be truly irredeemable.

However, while in the Bajoran temple in the act of stealing the orb, he confronted both Kiras and, at the last minute, Bareil chose to stun the Intendant and return both her and himself to the mirror universe, without the orb, forfeiting the prophecy of his orb vision. (DS9: "Resurrection")

After killing Brunt the following year, the Intendant explained how she had "suffered so many disappointments in [her] life," naming Brunt, Sisko, and Bareil, as being among those on her list. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak")


Background information

Like his counterpart, Bareil Antos was played by Philip Anglim.

Originally, Bareil wasn't in the story which became the episode "Resurrection", however, due to Ira Steven Behr feeling a compulsion to include the character, though, a mirror universe variant of Bareil was invented and inserted into the story. "I thought it was a chance to look back on a slightly different Bareil, well, more than slightly different," Behr acknowledged. (Cinefantastique, Vol. 30, No. 9/10, p. 44) He also suspected depicting the mirror Bareil "would be interesting." (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion (p. 508))

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