Barkon IV was the inhabited fourth planet of its star system. This was the homeworld of the pre-industrial society of the humanoid Barkonians. The planet had a Luna-like moon and was home to the Vellorian Mountains.

In 2370, a Federation deep space probe went off course and crash landed on the planet. The crash site was over a hundred kilometers from the nearest settlement. Lieutenant Commander Data was dispatched to retrieve and salvage the probe's components before they could contaminate the planet's biosphere. He suffered memory loss when he attempted to download the sensor logs from the probe's on-board computer and was exposed to a power surge. He carried fragments into a village, where he unintentionally exposed the villagers to radiation poisoning. Before he was "murdered" by villagers who blamed him for their sickness, Data added an antidote to the poison in the well water, which cured them. The USS Enterprise-D recovered Data and the fragments, which had been buried by the villagers in a forest. (TNG: "Thine Own Self")


Background information

The planet model for Barkon IV was first used for Mintaka III ("Who Watches The Watchers") and then again for Betazed ("Ménage à Troi").

Barkon IV was called Korial IV in the first draft script.

According to, this planet was located in the Barkon system, which was located in the Alpha Quadrant. [1] [2]

The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 67) classified Barkon IV as a class M planet.

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