The Barkonians were a pre-industrial society native to Barkon IV. Barkonians were humanoid in appearance, with a distinctive patterned forehead.

One of their beliefs was that the basic elements of the universe were rock, fire, sky, and water. These elements were found in every object, person, animal, or anything.

In 2370, a Federation deep space probe went off course and crash landed on the planet, causing some Barkonians to suffer the effects of radiation poisoning after exposure to probe fragments. The Barkonians also had their first contact with alien life, when Lieutenant Commander Data was dispatched to retrieve and salvage the probe's components before they could contiminate the planet's biosphere. Damaged by the probe, Data suffered from memory loss, and spent several weeks living among the Barkonians. (TNG: "Thine Own Self")


In the first draft script, they were called Korialians.
According to, the Barkonians' homeworld was located in the Alpha Quadrant.
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