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Ensign Barnes was a female Trill Starfleet operations division junior officer who lived during the 2380s. She served aboard the USS Cerritos under Captain Carol Freeman and manned the operations station on the bridge. (LD: "Second Contact")

Starfleet career

In 2380, during a second contact mission to the Galardonian homeworld, Barnes went on a date with Ensign Sam Rutherford. They met in the officers' lounge and got to know each other over a drink, when a rage virus broke out on the ship. Barnes and Rutherford fought against the infected crew while still continuing to get to know each other. They became cut off from the crew, and embarked on a space walk to get to the rally point. They reached Deck 8 and took down more of the infected crew, but almost got trapped when a sealed door did not recognize their combadge signatures. With a quick adjustment, Rutherford got the door open, and both he and Barnes made it through before the door shut. Barnes immediately leaped into Rutherford's arms and kissed him passionately, but he seemed more concerned about the fact the doors did not open for them. He started ignoring her advance, and she walked away annoyed. They stopped dating each other afterwards. (LD: "Second Contact")


Rutherford described Barnes as being smart, pretty, and very effective in a ship-wide crisis, but did not share Rutherford's interest of running diagnostics on ship systems. She liked to play squash and was into music played by a classic rock band called The Monkees. (LD: "Second Contact")