Barnhart was a male Human Starfleet crewman who lived during the mid-23rd century. He served aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk, during a historic five-year mission that starship undertook.

In 2266, Barnhart was performing maintenance on the ship's atmospheric system when he became one of a number of Enterprise crewmembers killed by a creature which had infiltrated the ship and was extracting all of the sodium chloride from its victims. Barnhart's body was found on deck nine, section two. (TOS: "The Man Trap")

Barnhart was played by actor Budd Albright, and was one of many Enterprise crewmembers to perish in the line of duty, including his later red shirt-character appearance as Rayburn.
Barnhart died wearing the rarely-seen Starfleet utility vest uniform (which was a reused costume from The Outer Limits), and was carrying his headgear.

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