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You may also be looking for the similarly named Boradis III.

Barradas III was the uninhabited third planet in the Barradas system. This system was located in Sector 2158, a region of space in the Beta Quadrant.

Barradas III was the sole class M planet in the system and was located less than a day from Calder II at maximum warp.

Two thousand years before the 24th century, this planet was the site of a Debrune outpost. The ruins of this outpost had been studied for centuries by the 24th century and been surveyed by the Federation Archaeological Survey. In 2370, this was one of several planets raided by a band of mercenaries led by Arctus Baran. During this raid, Commander William T. Riker of the USS Enterprise-D was captured. The Enterprise then stayed at Barradas III and further investigated the ruins, before leaving for the Calder system. (TNG: "Gambit, Part I")


Background information

This planet's quadrant of origin is inferred based on the position of its star sysem as seen in the star chart appearing in the Star Trek: Picard episode "Maps and Legends".

"Buh-RAD-us" was the pronunciation for this planet's name from the script pronunciation guide.

Cedar Grove, a section of Griffith Park, was used as filming location for the surface of Barradas III. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (2nd ed., p. 266))

According to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (2nd ed., p. 267), the planet's name was a homage to "Beratis", an alias of the Redjac entity in TOS: "Wolf in the Fold".

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