Lieutenant Bartel served as an engineer aboard the starship USS Enterprise-D in 2369. She was chief engineer Geordi La Forge's assistant in main engineering during the vessel's encounter with a Dyson sphere and the recovery of missing person Montgomery Scott from the wreckage of the USS Jenolan.

When Captain Scott wandered into the engineering section unannounced to inspect the warp core, Bartel attempted to detain him from accessing it, until La Forge gave her permission to let Scott enter his office. As Scott was examining the controls, Bartel informed La Forge that the warp core was ready to be brought online.

When Captain Picard suggested Scott take part in an away mission, La Forge recommended Bartel as his best engineer for the team. Instead, Picard asked La Forge to take charge of the matter personally. (TNG: "Relics")

Lieutenant Bartel was played by actress Stacie Foster.
In the first draft script of "Relics", Bartel was male.
The novelization of "Relics" gives her the first name of Kerry, while "A Time for War, A Time for Peace" names her Emma.

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