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The Barzans were an intelligent humanoid species native to the planet Barzan II.


A Barzan, D. Nhan, served in Starfleet in the mid-23rd century. However, she noted that she had encountered no other members of her people since leaving her homeworld. (DIS: "Brother", "Project Daedalus")

In 2366, a wormhole was discovered near their planet. The Barzans sent an automated space probe to collect data on the other end. They determined it was in the Gamma Quadrant, which was quite exciting since it meant they had a natural resource that other civilizations would invest in. It was hoped that the Barzan wormhole would open a new era in prosperity. This hope was a major factor in the Barzans' decision to sell rights to the wormhole to the highest bidder (the Chrysalians). Unfortunately, the wormhole turned out to be the "proverbial lemon", as the other end of the wormhole was not fixed, with one endpoint shifting at least as far as the Delta Quadrant. (TNG: "The Price")

The Barzans joined the Federation in the 25th century, and were still members as of 3189. In that year, a Barzan family consisting of Dr. Attis, his wife, and their daughters, Amma and Tolpra, were caretakers for the Federation seed vault aboard the USS Tikhov. (DIS: "Die Trying")


Barzans had pairs of subtle ridges on their eyebrows and foreheads. Their blood was black in color. When leaving their homeworld, they relied on augmentation in the form of a breather that provided them with the gases found in the toxic atmosphere of Barzan II. When outside their native atmosphere, their eyes changed color. (TNG: "The Price"; DIS: "Project Daedalus")

Society and culture[]

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The Barzans were a resource-poor species, dependent on others for generations. In terms of technology, they were only moderately advanced, and did not have manned space travel. (TNG: "The Price") The poverty of the Barzanian species was woven into their culture, with the expectation that each sacrificed for the needs of their family. Barzans were also known for their diligence. (DIS: "Die Trying")

The Barzans were governed by the Barzanian Planetary Republic, which was headed by a premier. In 2366, the premier was Bhavani. (TNG: "The Price")

By the 32nd century, many Barzans had roles in Federation Security and other security forces due to their committment to "duty above all". (DIS: "Rubicon")





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