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The Barzan language was the native language of the Barzans.

While investigating the USS Tikhov in 3189, Commanders Michael Burnham and D. Nhan, and Doctor Hugh Culber encountered a holo-recording of Dr. Attis and his family speaking Barzan. Nhan watched the holograms, regretting not having seen her planet and family one last time, as Dr. Culber asked about the last time Nhan had heard her own language. She responded: "Now. Now was the last time." (DIS: "Die Trying")

The Barzan language was created by linguist Nick Farmer. Farmer noted on his Twitter that the Barzan language used ejective consonants. [1]

Examples of spoken language[]

Atchi Venus?
Where's Venus?
Siik siik.
Far away.
Tun gatsa ooka a'sirra.
I don't want the plant to be lonely.
Nats ag'voonus tikarro vamo niik.
I think Venus is still hungry. (DIS: "Die Trying")