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Q and janeway in a bathtub

Janeway's bath tub

Neelix in bath tub

Neelix in a bath tub

Morns hot tub

Morn's hot mud tub

A bath tub was a water-filled container used for cleaning and relaxing. It was usually the main feature of a bathroom.

When Enterprise NX-01 visited Risa in 2152, bathing in its steam-pools was said to be very relaxing. (ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights")

In 2369, while under the influence of the Saltah'na energy spheres, Lieutenant Jadzia Dax told Major Kira Nerys "You know what they say – put the shoe on the right foot first, but put the left foot first into the bathtub", which seemed to confuse Kira. (DS9: "Dramatis Personae")

In 2370, Ensign Melora Pazlar explained to Doctor Julian Bashir that experiencing low gravity was "like slipping into a hot tub at the end of the day", to which Bashir quipped, "I'm a shower man myself". (DS9: "Melora")

Later the same year, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data discovered Counselor Deanna Troi in her bath tub during her transformation into an amphibious creature, a result of Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome. (TNG: "Genesis")

During the same year in the mirror universe, Intendant Kira Nerys had a bath tub in her quarters, aboard Terok Nor. (DS9: "Crossover")

Neelix spent his time taking a bath in the bath tub and drinking water when he was beamed aboard Voyager in 2371. (VOY: "Caretaker")

In 2372, Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Chakotay became stranded on a planet they named, "New Earth." During their time together, Chakotay built her a bath tub in which she greatly enjoyed bathing. She also had a bath tub in her quarters on board the USS Voyager, where, in 2378, she was surprised by Q, who appeared while she was bathing. (VOY: "Resolutions", "Q2")

Morn kept a hot tub of mud in his quarters on Deep Space 9 which he used as a mud bath as well as a place to sleep. After faking his own death in 2374, he left it, among other things, to Quark, who subsequently drained it empty, believing him to have hidden a stash of latinum there. (DS9: "Who Mourns for Morn?")

In 2375, Counselor Troi shaved Commander William Riker's beard with a razor, while the two of them bathed in a bath tub on the USS Enterprise-E. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

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