"The Battle of Ajilon Prime will probably be remembered as a pointless skirmish but I'll always remember it as something more, as a place I learned that the line between courage and cowardice is a lot thinner than most people believe."
– Jake Sisko, 2373 ("Nor the Battle to the Strong")

The Battle of Ajilon Prime was a skirmish between forces of the United Federation of Planets and those of the Klingon Empire on Ajilon Prime in 2373 during the Federation-Klingon War.

The Klingons broke the cease fire that was established earlier in the year and quickly took two settlements in the northern hemisphere and destroyed the main hospital, trapping half the colonists on the planet. A field hospital was set up underground 50 kilometers from the front line; the hospital was short in supplies and doctors, so Deep Space 9 personnel Julian Bashir and Jake Sisko went to Ajilon Prime to assist in the underground hospital.

While the Klingons advanced on Ajilon Prime, Klingon ships destroyed the USS Farragut near the Lembatta Cluster which was supposed to reinforce the planet. Subsequently, the USS Defiant left Deep Space 9 to aid the planet, but did not arrive until three days later.

On the planet, the Klingons used transport scramblers and shot down hoppers, so the Starfleet troops had difficulties to regroup or retreat. One such instance was when Jake Sisko met a dying soldier, named Chief Burke, who sacrificied himself so that his platoon could beam to safety.

The Klingons often resorted to hand-to-hand combat on the ground, wounding and killing many Starfleet soldiers. The Klingons also used bombardment to further advance on the planet. The Klingons finally reached the underground hospital, which was evacuated by hopper to a base at Tananda Bay.

The Klingons were closing in on the evacuees, and a firefight ensued between them, and Starfleet soldiers, but Jake Sisko sealed an entrance tunnel, halting the Klingon advance and making sure the evacuees got out safely. Soon after the cease fire was reinstated and the Klingons pulled out. (DS9: "Nor the Battle to the Strong")

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