Bashir and O'Brien Battle of Britain

Bashir and O'Brien in costume

"We should have left the holosuite hours ago."
"What? And let the Jerries cross the Channel? Never!"
- Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien

The Battle of Britain was an aerial conflict that occurred on Earth in 1940 and 1941 during World War II. It was fought between the forces of Old Britain and Nazi Germany.

The Battle of Britain was one of Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien's favorite holoprograms at Quark's holosuites, taking the role of two RAF pilots in a squadron that included Clive. The pair were intent on recreating the historical setting exactly, and had their own costumes. O'Brien even abandoned his Irish accent for his role. (DS9: "Homefront")

Following the bombing of the Antwerp Conference in 2372, the two had an appointment to run the program. After playing it for a little while, they realized their hearts weren't in it and chose not to restart the program, though they did eventually return to using it regularly. They had attempted to involve Odo by inviting him to join the simulation, but the Changeling was en route to Earth and declined. (DS9: "Homefront")

The two often let the program play out for several hours – something that became a nuisance when Keiko O'Brien returned from Bajor after a six-month absence, forcing them to hurriedly clean O'Brien's quarters before she arrived. (DS9: "Accession")

When the crew returned to Deep Space 9 following Operation Return in 2374, O'Brien and Bashir's first action was to determine if the holosuites were working, and book a session in the program. (DS9: "Sacrifice of Angels")

The Battle of Britain holoprogram was originally introduced in the fourth season premiere "The Way of the Warrior", but the scene was deleted from the episode. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion - A Series Guide and Script Library)
An episode featuring the Battle of Britain was deemed too expensive to film by the filmmakers. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion p.294)
According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 73), the Battle of Britain was fought from June 1940 to April 1941.

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