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For the comic, please see Battle Stations!.

The thrilling sequel to the New York Times bestseller Dreadnought!'

Battlestations! is a Pocket TOS novel – #31 in the numbered series, and the second book in the retroactively designated Fortunes of War duology – written by Diane Carey. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in November 1986, and details the continuing adventures of Lt. Cmdr. Piper and her crew of Enterprise junior officers.


From the book jacket
Back on Earth enjoying a well-deserved shore leave, Captain Kirk is rudely accosted by a trio of Starfleet security guards. It seems he is wanted for questioning in connection with the theft of transwarp – the Federation's newest, most advanced propulsion system. Could Captain Kirk, Starfleet's most decorated hero, be guilty of stealing top-secret technology? With the aid of Mr. Spock, Lt. Cmdr. Piper begins a desperate search for the scientists who developed transwarp – a search that leads her to an isolated planet, where she discovers the real – and very dangerous – traitor!

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Chapter One
Kirk enjoys some sailing on his private sailing ship, the Edith Keeler. He is accompanied by Scott, McCoy and young Piper, recently promoted to lieutenant commander for her heroism against Vice Admiral Vaughn Rittenhouse's dreadnought conspiracy.

Memorable quotes[]

Each chapter was prefaced by a memorable quote from Star Trek: The Original Series.

"You could feel the wind at your back in those days… the sounds of the sea… even if you take away the wind and the water, it's still the same. The ship is yours, you can feel her… and the stars are still there, Bones."

- James T. Kirk, "The Ultimate Computer"

"Anything you might say has already been taken down in evidence against you."

- Trelane, "The Squire of Gothos"

"Sailor's luck, Mr. Spock."

- Kirk, "Amok Time"

"Make the most of an uncertain future. "

- "The Squire of Gothos"

" May we together become greater than the sum of both of us.' ' "

- "The Squire of Gothos"

Background information[]

  • This is a sequel to Dreadnought!. When Pocket Books reissued Dreadnought! and Battlestations! in 1999, they made them part of a series called Fortunes of War.

Cover gallery[]


Lieutenant commander.
James T. Kirk
Leonard McCoy
Enterprise CMO.
Judd "Scanner" Sandage
Lieutenant junior grade.
Merete AndrusTaurus
Medical officer.
Montgomery Scott
Chief engineer.
Hikaru Sulu
Lieutenant commander.
Ursula Mornay
Samuel Boma
Ben Shamirian
Security lieutenant.
Security lieutenant.
Security yeoman.
Security crewman.
Michael Riley
Supreme congressional judge of the Federation, who issued a warrant to search Kirk's sailing ship.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Daniel Boone
Philip of Macedon
Vaughan Rittenhouse


SS Banana Republic (MTK-4247)
"Babe"-class UFP construction transport; formerly SS Tyrannosaurus Rex (MKT-1187).
Ciatella system
Ciatella is a star system where Argelius II is located, in Tau Ceti's quadrant
In a pursuit, this shuttle was launched on autopilot from Enterprise. The Romulans assumed Columbus contained fleeing personnel and used grapplers to tow in the shuttle. Kirk detonated the unmanned shuttle, destroying the Romulan Bird-of-Prey.
USS Exeter orbiting Omega IV

Exeter (left)

USS Exeter
Captain Andreoni's ship.
USS Hood
Commodore Lyle Craig's ship.
The race is mentioned as a possible purchaser of the stolen transwarp technology.
The race is mentioned as a possible purchaser of the stolen transwarp technology.
USS Majestic
Captain Long's destroyer.
Rigelian slugfin
The race is mentioned as a possible purchaser of the stolen transwarp technology.
The race is mentioned as a possible purchaser of the stolen transwarp technology.
The race is mentioned as a possible purchaser of the stolen transwarp technology.
USS Yorktown
Captain Jarboe's ship.

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