Mistress Beata was the Elected One, or leader, of the planet Angel I in 2364. The society on the planet was a matriarchal culture, with men relegated to second-class status. As head of the government, Beata was intent on preserving the matriarchy. She allowed the USS Enterprise-D to locate the survivors of the freighter Odin that were on the planet. Beata considered them fugitives because they refused to accept the female government. But she stated that as long as they left the planet, she would be satisfied. They refused to leave, since they had wives from the planet. Beata sentenced them all to death.

She was attracted to Commander William T. Riker, who gave her an Albeni meditation crystal as a present. Despite the fact that he was male, Riker impressed Beata. He persuaded her not to execute the fugitives. She instead exiled them and their wives to a remote region of the planet. (TNG: "Angel One")

Beata was part of Commander Riker's memories while being infected on the surface of Surata IV and treated in sickbay. (TNG: "Shades of Gray")

Beata was played by actress Karen Montgomery.
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