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Becoming Human: The Seven of Nine Saga is book two in a two-part series of Star Trek scriptbooks. The book includes the shooting scripts of six episodes related to Seven of Nine as well as a supplemental sixteen pages of publicity stills from those episodes and was first published by Pocket Books in January 1999. For each of the scripts, a title page, a "cast" list of characters, a "sets" list of environments and a pronunciation guide is displayed at the start of the script.

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Of all the diverse races and civilizations encountered by Starfleet, none have been as fearsome and unstoppable as the cybernetic life-form known as the Borg. Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise considered them the closest thing to pure evil that he had ever faced.
So who could have guessed that an unrepentant Borg could become a valuable crew member aboard a Federation starship?
Here, complete in one volume, are the scripts for the original episodes of Star Trek: Voyager that brought Seven of Nine aboard Captain Janeway's ship. These powerful and thought-provoking narratives trace her tumultuous development from an anonymous Borg drone to a unique and exceptional individual, whose rediscovery of her own lost humanity has only just begun.
Relive the drama and conflict that have made Seven of Nine one of the most fascinating characters on television today – and in the depths of the Delta Quadrant.

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The episodes whose scripts appear in the book are as follows:

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