The Benkarans were a humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant. First encountered by USS Voyager in 2377, the Benkarans had a slightly wider skull than Humans, and distinctive bone structures around the eyes.

The Benkarans lived within the territory controlled by the Nygeans, who viewed them as predisposed to criminal behavior. Although they only comprised ten percent of the overall population, Benkarans made up eighty percent of the population of Nygean jails. Benkarans were also ten times more likely to be executed for a crime. (VOY: "Repentance")

Several Benkarans were employed at the Primary Energy Facility on Quarra. One seemed to be a high-ranking monitor, since she worked at a console that controlled the access to main power throughout the Capital. (VOY: "Workforce")

The Benkarans only appeared in the background, such as going down the staircase in the teaser, so if the Benkarans were kidnapped or not was not mentioned.

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