For the ensign with a similar name, please see Bennett (Ensign).

Ensign Bennet was a 24th century operations division Starfleet officer on board the USS Voyager, serving under Captain Kathryn Janeway during the early 2370s. Unlike most of Voyager's crew, Bennet felt he was lucky, because he had no family back home to miss.

Bennet died shortly after a shuttle crash in 2372 on a Drayan moon. As he lay dying, he lamented his earlier belief about being lucky, finding his not having anyone who would miss him sad instead. Tuvok comforted him during his final moments, assuring him that Ensign Macormak would miss him. Bennet seemed surprised by Tuvok's suggestion, saying that he "was never really sure how she—" but died before he could finish his sentence. (VOY: "Innocence")

Bennet was played by actor Richard Garon.
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