The Benthans were a warp-capable species associated with the Delta Quadrant Benthan system, as well as Benthos and Bentha.

They were encountered in 2374 by the USS Voyager when Lt. Tom Paris was attacked by the Benthan Guard in the Kotaba Expanse. (VOY: "Vis à Vis")

It was never made clear whether it was Steth or Daelen who was a Benthan, or if neither or even both of them were.
The Benthans appear in Star Trek Online, where they are modeled after Steth's species.
The Steth impostor claimed to be from the fourth planet of the Benthos system, and at one point told a story about having to limp back to Benthos. Later, the real Steth took back the impostor entity to Bentha. How these three locations inter-relate is unknown.
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