Benton was a male Human civilian in the 23rd century. He was a partner in a lithium mining company that he and two others established in 2263 on Rigel XII. Like the other two, he lived a life of isolation, but one that had made him fantastically rich.

In 2266, the USS Enterprise stopped at Rigel XII to replace its burned out lithium crystals. Before the Enterprise arrived, Harry Mudd had contacted the miners privately and arranged his own deal; instead of their usual remuneration, the miners wanted to deal for Mudd's women and his freedom. Enchanted by the women, Benton married one by subspace radio, before discovering that her looks were at least partially the product of the illegal Venus drug. (TOS: "Mudd's Women")

Benton was portrayed by Seamon Glass.
In the final draft script of "Mudd's Women", Benton was described as "powerful in design and not unlike the [Rigel XII] furniture in construction."

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