Benyan was a male Bajoran painter in the 24th century. He was married to Mika.

Benyan was a follower of a Cult of the Pah-wraiths in 2375. During that year, He and his wife left to live on Empok Nor as followers of Dukat. Benyan was very devoted to the faith, and started a portrait of Dukat with his followers.

Like the other followers, he followed a covenant between the believers and Dukat, including a vow of abstinence. He and his wife asked Dukat for a child and he agreed. Dukat prayed with both of them, and Mika had a child. Benyan assumed it was his, but it was actually Dukat's child.

Colonel Kira Nerys was brought to the station and tried to point out the mistaken beliefs to him, but he was not convinced. Further, he stated he didn't need her to believe, and was a little confused as to why Dukat needed her to be. However, Mika shortly gave birth to a half-Cardassian child. Dukat immediately proclaimed that the child was transformed by the Pah-wraiths into a symbol of his covenant with his followers, but Mika of course knew the truth. Benyan wanted to believe, but he was skeptical.

After Mika and Dukat met in secret to talk about what happened, Dukat tried to kill her rather than let the truth be known. When Kira and Fala saved her life, Benyan met her in the infirmary and stayed with her. He learned of Dukat's vision with the Pah-wraiths and attended the ceremony in which they would all kill themselves, however, Kira interrupted and exposed Dukat. Benyan finally turned on Dukat and believed he was the father.

After the cult's dissolution, Benyan, Mika and the child left with Kira on the USS Defiant. (DS9: "Covenant")

Benyan was played by Jason Leland Adams.
According to the script, Benyan was pronounced as "BEN-yen". Additionally, he was described as "an intense young man in his late twenties.".

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