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Terra Prime targets the Vulcan consulate in Berlin (center) and Canberra

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Berlin was a major city on the European continent on Earth and the capital of Germany.

As of the mid-22nd century, Berlin was the site of a Vulcan consulate. In 2155, after the xenophobic group "Terra Prime" issued an ultimatum demanding all non-humans to immediately leave the Sol system, their operatives reported that there was no indication of the Vulcans withdrawing from their consulates in Berlin and Canberra. Expecting their demands to be ignored, Terra Prime used this as a pretense to target Starfleet Command in San Francisco with their hijacked verteron array. (ENT: "Terra Prime")

In the year 1944 of an alternate timeline, Berlin was the center of Nazi Germany. Vosk implicitly threatened to have his plasma cannons fall into the hands of the Allies which would lead to the obliteration of Berlin. Also, Alicia Travers told Jonathan Archer to use the power of the Enterprise to destroy Berlin and then proceed in killing all Nazis. (ENT: "Storm Front, Part II")

The script of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine pilot episode "Emissary" describes the Bajoran capital city as being "like Berlin after the war".
In the Star Trek: Destiny novel Mere Mortals, the Gorn Hegemony maintained its embassy to the Federation in Berlin.

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