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Bernard Telvin "Bernie" Williams (born 1942, died 4 January 2015, age 72) was a producer and production manager of film and television from the United Kingdom. In 1994, he served as an executive producer and unit production manager on Star Trek Generations.

Williams first began working on films in his native UK in the late 1960s. His first job was unit manager on the 1966 thriller The Quiller Memorandum. Afterward, he served as production manager and line producer on the popular British series The Prisoner. In 1969, Williams managed the aerial unit for the film Battle of Britain.

In the 1970s, Williams worked with celebrated director Stanley Kubrick on two acclaimed films: A Clockwork Orange in 1971 (starring Malcolm McDowell in his famous role as Alex de Large) and Barry Lydon in 1975. In 1976, Williams worked on his first American film, the action/adventure Sky Riders, on which he served as production supervisor and line producer. He then associate produced 1977's The Last Remake of Beau Geste (which featured Ted Cassidy and Henry Gibson in its cast) and the 1978 remake of The Big Sleep (starring Joan Collins).

Williams went on to become an executive producer on the cult science fiction adventure Flash Gordon (1980), Milos Forman's Oscar-nominated Ragtime (1981, featuring Brad Dourif, Robert Joy, Andreas Katsulas, and Ethan Phillips), and the horror movie sequel Amityville II: The Possession (1982, featuring Andrew Prine). He then produced The Bounty in 1984 and Miracles in 1986 (the latter co-starring Terri Garr, Christopher Lloyd, and Charles Rocket) before becoming an executive producer and unit production manager for Michael Mann's highly-acclaimed 1986 thiller Manhunter.

He went on to serve as a producer and unit production manager on director Frank Oz Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in 1988. He and Oz reunited for 1991's What About Bob?, on which Williams again worked as unit production manager but this time he was also co-producer. Williams then became executive producer for four of Oz's subsequent films: HouseSitter (1992), The Indian in the Cupboard (1995), Bowfinger (1999), and The Score (2001). Williams continued serving as unit production manager on all of these films.

Williams was more recently an executive producer and unit production manager for the 2003 comic book-based action film Daredevil. His most recent project was the 2006 remake of Charlotte's Web, which he was executive producing.

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