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A Betazoid wedding was a ceremony of the marriage of two people that followed Betazoid traditions.

Prior to the wedding itself, a gift box was sent to the female. (TNG: "Haven")

During a Betazoid wedding, tradition dictated that all people present must appear without clothing at the wedding ceremony, to honor the act of love the ceremony commemorated. If the bride wished, she could choose to honor the wedding traditions of her groom instead. (TNG: "Haven", "Cost of Living")

After their wedding in Alaska, in 2379, William T. Riker and Deanna Troi planned a second wedding on Betazed, which would have followed all Betazoid traditions. Captain Picard's orders stated that everyone would respect Betazoid customs, despite Worf's objections. (Star Trek Nemesis)

As Lwaxana Troi wasn't present at the ceremony on Earth, it is probable that she was one of the primary reasons for the second wedding on Betazed.

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