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Beyond the Final Frontier is an unauthorized guide to every Star Trek episode up to "The Expanse" and the first ten films, published in the UK in 2003. It includes behind-the-scenes information and a critical analysis of each series.


From the book jacket
For the first time there is one book that encompasses the whole Trek Universe on screen: over six hundred episodes from the five television series, plus the animated show and all ten movies.
Here is a complete, unofficial episode guide packed with facts and behind the scenes information. Beyond the Final Frontier is a fully-indexed, critical appreciation and includes a glossary for those who can't tell their Alpha Quadrant from their wormholes. This single volume includes entries for each television episode, lists guest stars, key production staff, transmission dates and a short plot overview. There's something here for everyone, from the die-hard fan to someone who's only just discovered the worlds of Star Trek.
Including details up to the second series of Enterprise and the tenth film, Nemesis, this is one reference book no science fiction viewer can do without.

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Star Trek: The Basics[]

A brief explanation of the Star Trek series and movies and their air dates, along with an overview of the book layout.

Episode and Movie Guide[]

A detailed history of the series or movie from a production point of view, reviewing its strengths and weaknesses.
The title as it appears on-screen, along with the season and episode number according to the original US broadcast order.
A brief one-line summary of the episode.
The date of first broadcast in the United States.
Credited writers of the episode or movie.
The credited director of the episode or movie.
Guest Cast
The credited actors, along with the parts they played, and any significant uncredited parts.
A brief synopsis of the story, including the stardate.
Notable dialogue from the episode or movie.
Behind the scenes information.
The authors' rating of the episode or movie in question.

A Brief History of the Star Trek Universe[]

A brief timeline of events that have occurred in the Star Trek universe, from the launch of Enterprise NX-01 in 2151 through to the destruction of the Scimitar and the loss of Lieutenant Commander Data in 2379.

Character Guide[]

A list detailing mainly primary and recurring characters who have appeared in a Star Trek series or movie along with the actors who played them.


A simple glossary of "technobabble" terminology, species, science, weapons, and Trek-related terms.


A detailed of episodes, movies, characters and performers together with their page numbers.