Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

Bezos was an alien Starfleet officer who was stationed at Yorktown starbase in the mid-23rd century.

After Kalara arrived at Yorktown in 2263, he scanned her while she made her plea for assistance to Commodore Paris and Captain James T. Kirk. (Star Trek Beyond)

The name of this character was not given onscreen, but was revealed in Star Trek Beyond - The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow (pp. 184–185).
Bezos was appropriately played by Jeff Bezos in a cameo role. In the words of Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin, Bezos "dropped in" to play the role. [1] He greatly enjoyed the experience, although the extensive make-up he wore for the part required him to drink through a straw. [2] [3]
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