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William "Bill" J. Hickey (8 July 194715 June 2011; age 63) was the founder and chief executive of Starfleet Uniforms of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, a company that manufactured and sold classic series uniform tops. For most of the 1970s, Hickey's pullover Orlon creations were the only quality, mass-produced facsimile reproductions available to fans. Clad in a yellow captain's shirt, flared trousers, and boots, he was a familiar sight at conventions; he can be seen in a photograph taken at a convention in Inside Star Trek: The Real Story. It was through Hickey's company that Bradley Nelson sold many of his strobing phaser pistols.

He appeared as an Enterprise science division crewman in the recreation deck scene of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. As a background actor he received no on-screen credit for his appearance. [1]

After the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Hickey added movie uniform tops to his line of garments; among the first gatherings he sold them at was the Starbase Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. [2]

Hickey died on 15 June 2011. [3]

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