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Bill Thomas Miller is an actor who was featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fourth season episode "To the Death" as a command division officer aboard the USS Defiant. He received no credit for this appearance.

A member of SAG/AFTRA, Miller was also featured in episodes of Roseanne, Herman's Head (starring Molly Hagan), Moonlighting, The X-Files, and The Others (2000, starring Bill Cobbs and John Billingsley). Miller also worked as stand-in for George Clooney on the drama series ER.

He was featured as an FBI Agent in the action comedy Blue Streak (1999, with Steve Rankin, Eddy Donno, Kenny Endoso, Googy Gress, and Jane Carr) and as the talk show host John Grand in the comedy Strange Hearts (2002, with Christopher Michael and Michelle Parylak). Other film work inncludes the action drama The Net (1995, with Christopher Darga, Vaughn Armstrong, and Wren T. Brown), the science fiction film Independence Day (1996, with Brent Spiner, Bill Smitrovich, Frank Novak, Leland Orser, Mirron E. Willis, Raphael Sbarge, Carlos LaCamara, Tim Kelleher, Jana Marie Hupp, Robert Pine, David Chanel, Derek Webster, Randy Oglesby, Anthony Crivello, Frank Welker, Erick Avari, Pam Blackwell, Greg Bronson, Ralph Moratz, and Tracey Walter), the thriller Air Force One (1997, with Dean Stockwell, Spencer Garrett, Bill Smitrovich, Dan Shor, Glenn Morshower, Don McManus, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, J. Mark Donaldson, Boris Lee Krutonog, Dan Barringer, Stuart Nixon, Paul Sklar, Timothy Carhart, and Lee Faranda), the short horror comedy Blood on the Backlot (2000, with John Billingsley), and the horror film Mayhem Motel (2001).

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