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Bill Tortolini (born 29 October 1974; age 44) is a Boston-born graphic designer and comic book letter artist.

He holds a BA in Graphic Design with minors in Advertising and Marketing, and after twelve years as an art director, he joined the comic book industry in 1996. Soon after, he founded LithiumPro Design with Simon Bowland as an all-purpose design studio primarily focusing on lettering and logo design.

Tortolini has lettered a number of series for various publishers, and has designed hardcover and trade paperback collections for a variety of titles. Some titles he has worked on include Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, Army of Darkness, The Green Hornet, Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, and XIII. Some of his collection design includes Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files and his only Star Trek credit to date, Star Trek: The Last Generation.

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