Bio-neural circuitry was a technology incorporated in bio-neural gel packs. It was incorporated into Federation starship USS Voyager around 2371. Much of the usual isolinear circuitry was replaced with bio-neural cells, which could process information more efficiently, and hence speed up computer response time. The Intrepid-class was the first equipped with bio-neural systems. (VOY: "Caretaker")

Bio-neural fibers, as found in the pattern buffer relays, were part of the bio-neural circuitry. (VOY: "State of Flux")

Bio-neural technology could be affected by viruses and other infectious agents, which compromised healthy tissue of living organisms. When the bio-neural gel packs aboard Voyager were infected, The Doctor suggested inducing fever in order to fight the infection, similar to when a Human sometimes had a fever in response to infection and illness. B'Elanna Torres used an inverted warp field to superheat the vessel and kill the bacteria infecting the bio-neural circuits. As a result of this problem and Voyager's inability to procure replacement gel packs, attempts were made to replace those systems reliant on bio-neural circuitry with more conventional technology. (VOY: "Learning Curve")

The Druoda's series 5 long-range tactical armor units were equipped with bio-neural circuitry. (VOY: "Warhead")

The Vidiian Danara Pel was found to have a parietal lobe implant consisting of nanofibers in a complex web of bio-neural circuitry. The Doctor used the synaptic patterns stored in this circuitry to create a holographic projection of Denara. (VOY: "Lifesigns")

In 2152, the starship Enterprise encountered a ship from the future which ran on organic circuitry, a possible descendant of bio-neural circuitry. (ENT: "Future Tense")

Star Trek: The USS Voyager NCC-74656 Illustrated Handbook states that evolution of The Doctor into a fully sentient being was an example of the impressive nature of the bio-neural system's capabilities, noting that holograms created by isolinear computer systems had rarely been able to achieve anything approaching sentience.

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