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Nozawa is scanned by a bio-probe.

A bio-probe was an advanced piece of Vidiian technology that functioned as a weapon, a transporter, a very sophisticated medical scanner, and a surgical instrument. Considerably more advanced than Federation medical technology, this device was designed for the specific purpose of locating and extract organs from other beings. It used a neural resonator to stun the victim, while a quantum imaging scanner would begin a microcellular analysis of the entire body.

According to B'Elanna Torres, "the amount of information this thing can gather puts a tricorder to shame. You fire this at someone, you learn everything about their anatomy, right down to their DNA sequencing."

In 2371, Dereth used this type of device to beam the lungs directly out of Neelix's body. After Dereth's capture, he used the device to scan the crew of USS Voyager to find a compatible donor, then transplant a new lung into Neelix. (VOY: "Phage")

Concept art

On the call sheet for this episode, the device is simply listed as "Alien Weapon". The concept art of this device was done by Rick Sternbach.

Bio-probe used on Samantha Wildman

The Vidiians that boarded Voyager in 2372 used a bio-probe to scan the crew for harvesting.

With it, they were able to determine that Tuvok was a Vulcan male, and that he had a damage to his right kidney, from a phaser blast, but his other organs were healthy.

Later in sickbay, they found Kes, and were able to determine that she was a female Ocampa with healthy organs. They were also able to determine that she had an extremely high rate of tissue regeneration, which lead to the order to have her pelvic ridge extracted.

Scans of the Humans in sickbay indicated that their pancreatic tissues were well-suited for transplant. When Samantha Wildman was scanned, they found that she had recently given birth, based on her far above normal hemo-uterine levels. When the infant was not found, the Vidiians set their bio-probe to maximum to find it. (VOY: "Deadlock")

Federation use

In 2369, Doctor Julian Bashir used a lower pulmonary bio-probe to confirm that Aamin Marritza suffered from Kalla-Nohra Syndrome instead of Pottrik Syndrome. The probe confirmed this by a positive result. (DS9: "Duet")