Dr. Crusher examines Sev Maylor's transporter biofilter log

The biofilter log was a log which provided information collected by a starship's biofilters.

In 2369, Doctor Beverly Crusher had USS Enterprise-D chief engineer Geordi La Forge check the biofilter logs in an attempt to explain the death of Sev Maylor after her alleged son, the ambassador Ves Alkar, refused to allow an autopsy. After seeing the log, Crusher was only more confused, as her medical tricorder recordings showed a massive deterioration in her physiological condition compared with the biofilter readings that were taken only three days before. She asked La Forge if it was possible that the log could have been damaged in any way, and while he did not think it likely, offered to run a diagnostic of the biofilter system and her tricorder. (TNG: "Man of the People")

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