The biomechanical maintenance program was a computer program in Soong-type androids which performed a large set of diagnostics, analyses and calibrations.

Lieutenant Commander Data regularly executed his maintenance program. He had access to this program in his quarters and used the USS Enterprise-D computer to perform the selected operation. This program included the following components:

  • Cognitive Interface Timing Test
  • Autonomic Regulatory and Diagnostic Scan
  • Diagnostic Analysis
  • Servo Motor Coordination
  • Precision Motor Coordination
  • Positronic Network Analysis
  • Balance Sensor Diagnostic Sequence
  • Locomotive Servomotor Dynamic Test
  • Optical and EM Sensor Calibration
  • Auditory Sensor Calibration
  • Chemical Process Analysis
  • Fluidic Sensor Diagnostic

In 2367, Data mentioned this program in a letter to Commander Bruce Maddox. Data said he rarely needed the professional medical services of Doctor Beverly Crusher as this program was self-sufficient for his needs. (TNG: "Data's Day")

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