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Malcolm Reeds birthday cake

Malcolm Reed's birthday cake

Jiballian fudge cake

Kes' Jiballian fudge birthday cake

A birthday cake was a cake served to a person on his or her birthday. A birthday cake was often decorated with small candles. Human tradition held that the person with the birthday might make a wish, which would come true if all the candles could be blown out in one breath.

On September 1, 2151, the crew of the Enterprise threw Malcolm Reed a birthday party complete with a pineapple birthday cake. (ENT: "Silent Enemy")

In 2367, there were six candles on Commander William T. Riker's blue frosted birthday cake at his birthday party. (TNG: "Future Imperfect")

For Kes' second birthday in 2371, the USS Voyager crew threw a surprise party for her. Neelix made a seven layer Jiballian fudge birthday cake with L'maki nut icing and punch. (VOY: "Twisted")

In an alternate reality, Kes' also got a birthday cake for her ninth birthday. (VOY: "Before and After")

In 2373, Miles O'Brien's birthday celebration included a birthday cake which was actually made by a Pah-wraith which was possessing his wife, Keiko, at the time. (DS9: "The Assignment")

In 2376, Janeway had to search the databanks for hours on end, but eventually found Lieutenant Commander Tuvok's birthday, and replicated him a cake with a candle on it. He claimed that this was a Human tradition, and Vulcans do not "blow out candles." In the end, he complied, claiming that "it was a fire hazard." (VOY: "Fury")

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