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A black and white movie

For the idiomatic meaning, please see black and white.
For the slang term for piano keys, please see black and whites.

Black and white was a term to describe the monochromatic oeuvre of film and television popular in the early to mid 20th century. (VOY: "Shattered") Black and white movies were sometimes referred to as the silver screen. (VOY: "Course: Oblivion")

The Adventures of Captain Proton holoprogram shared the "monochromatic environment" of the science fiction serials it was based on. Users of the program also appeared in black and white. (VOY: "Night", "Thirty Days", "Bride of Chaotica!", "Shattered")

The educational film The Tardigrade in Space also featured black and white footage. (ST: "Ephraim and Dot")

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