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Bloodwine scooped from barrel


Klingon bloodwine bottles, 2372

Empty bloodwine bottles


The first shared toast of bloodwine between a Human and a Klingon

"What's it the blood of?"
"Don't feel badly if you can't stomach it."
"I didn't say that!"

Bloodwine was a popular alcoholic beverage among the Klingons, best served warm. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior") As with many Klingon foods and beverages, it was not for the faint of heart. Bloodwine was known to be highly intoxicating, to the point that most non-Klingons were scarcely capable of tolerating it; it was twice as potent as whiskey. (VOY: "The Killing Game, Part II") The first Human known to consume the beverage was Jonathan Archer, while he awaited the verdict of his trial on Narendra III. (ENT: "Judgment")

Klingon captains and generals were fond of carrying several barrels of their favorite vintages to celebrate victories. Martok and Worf considered the vintage of 2309 to be the finest. (SNW: "The Broken Circle"; DS9: "Treachery, Faith and the Great River", "Once More Unto the Breach", "When It Rains...", "What You Leave Behind") Worf liked his bloodwine very young and very sweet. (DS9: "Change of Heart") He had programmed the USS Enterprise-D replicators with a close approximation of bloodwine. (TNG: "Gambit, Part II") In the Klingon Defense Force, bloodwine was available in the mess hall from barrels for crewmembers during meals. When more was needed a fresh barrel was brought in from elsewhere, presumably from the ship's stores. (LD: "wej Duj")

Bloodwine did not have bubbles. Constable Odo found this to be a pity. After he and Miles O'Brien had been drinking it for a time in the Hall of Warriors at Ty'Gokor, O'Brien admitted that he thought he was actually starting to like the stuff. Odo tended to agree, stating that "except for the taste" that "it's really not that bad". (DS9: "Apocalypse Rising")

Bloodwine was traditionally consumed by warriors being inducted into the Order of the Bat'leth as part of the celebration/endurance test given the night before. (DS9: "Apocalypse Rising")

Bloodwine was used in a symbolic gesture following the Invasion of Cardassia in 2375. While standing on the surface of Cardassia, Martok offered William Ross and Benjamin Sisko bloodwine which had been previously promised for celebration of victory. However, at that moment, Ross and Sisko reflected on the destructive nature of war, and poured their glasses of bloodwine on the ground. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")

In 2402, Beverly Crusher became heavily intoxicated after consuming large quantities of bloodwine at 10 Forward Avenue. (PIC: "The Last Generation")


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The Star Trek Encyclopedia, 4th ed., vol. 1, p. 426 described bloodwine as a variety of red Klingon wine.

Whether there is actual blood in the ingredients has never been revealed; however, the Star Trek Cookbook suggests that bloodwine is made of fermented blood and sugar.

While in later seasons, bloodwine was usually served from large kettles or smaller, silver bottles, in "The House of Quark" it was served from a glass bottle in the shape of grapes. The same type of bottle appeared in "Vortex" where it contained langour.

A blood wine bottle was among the items which were sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

In 2012, Vinport produced a Klingon bloodwine made (inauthentically) from grapes.

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