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Bob Sarlatte is a well-known San Francisco-based radio and television personality, humorist, and master of ceremonies who played the waiter at the Italian restaurant where James T. Kirk and Gillian Taylor ate dinner in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. At the time the movie was filmed, Sarlatte was a reporter for the Paramount Television's entertainment news program Entertainment Tonight. He was also a reporter for AM San Francisco and National PM Magazine and provided comic commentary for the Fox Sports Network.

Besides reporting, Sarlatte has made numerous guest appearances on David Letterman's three late-night programs: NBC's The David Letterman Show and Late Night with David Letterman, and CBS's The Late Show with David Letterman. In addition to voicing in a number of commercials, he also voiced characters on the 1980s Saturday morning cartoons Saturday Supercade and Dragon's Lair. (Clive Revill also voiced in the latter series.) Sarlatte also guest-starred in two episodes of Night Court (starring John Larroquette), had a role in the 1994 TV movie Web of Deception (with Rosalind Chao), and appeared in the films So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993), Flubber (1997, co-starring Clancy Brown, Dakin Matthews, Christopher McDonald, and Wil Wheaton), and Edtv (1999, with Clint Howard, Googy Gress, Steve Kehela, and Barry Wiggins).

Sarlatte is a founding member of Butch Whacks and the Glass Packs, a traveling group consisting of thirteen members who mix rock and roll with sketch comedy. The group, which initially began in the early 1970s, broke up in 1976 but reunited in 1983 and have been been doing annual "Farewell Performances" ever since.

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