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Bobbi Sue Luther (born 27 August 1978; age 42) is an American model-turned-actress who played an unnamed Orion slave girl in the Star Trek: Enterprise fourth season episode "Borderland".

During high school she played many sports, including tennis, skiing and horseback riding, as well as dancing. Later she trained in martial arts, and was certified in fire fighting. She cites her love of dance as a huge help to getting the part.

Prior to her role she hadn't seen any of the Star Trek series, but knew of its existence. When she auditioned for the role she was a co-host on Junkyard Wars. She mentioned the role description to her co-hosts and friends, "an extremely sensual green woman"; they immediately knew that it was based on the role of Vina from Star Trek: The Original Series. She combed the internet and realized how loved the character was – and what an Orion slave girl was – and eventually got the part, citing that the producers were looking for an actress who could "communicate well with body language".

As a model, she worked in lingerie and bikinis, joking "Pretty much it's a given, if I get booked on something, I'm going to be scantily clad." During her time with Star Trek she worked with make-up artist David DeLeon. She enjoyed her work as an Orion for a day, even loving the 'costume', glad to know that she'll always be a part of the Star Trek family.

More recently she starred in the 2007 movie Gameface. She has also appeared in the film Come As You Are, and was interviewed in Star Trek: Communicator issue 153.

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